New Adult Resources

Updated: March 7, 2014

Storify archive of tweets, links & photos from New Adult Fiction: What Is It, Where Is It, and What Should We Do With It? at PLA, March 13, 2014: FORTHCOMING!

Storify archive of tweets from when Sophie asked participants in #NALitChat what they’d like librarians to know about New Adult, March 6, 2014:

Storify archive of tweets, links & photos from New Adult: What Is It & Is It Really Happening? at ALA Annual, July 1 2013:


New Adult Listening Playlist (thanks to Scotty Rader for his great suggestions!)

Other Media We Might Consider as New Adult (movies, television, magazines):

Currently on TV:

How I Met Your Mother

How to Make it In America

Glee (S3 & onward)

Grey’s Anatomy


The New Girl


Previously on TV:

Buffy The Vampire Slayer (S6 & 7)


Gilmore Girls (S4-6)


Articles about New Adult

Angel, MJ. Is Young Adult Fiction Too Sexy? The Sydney Morning Herald 28 May 2013.

Cart, Michael. Best Books For New Adults. Booklist 1 May 2013.

Chang, Juju and Caren Zucker. Emerging “New Adult” Book Genre Puts Smut Fiction on Bestsellers Lists. ABC News 21 February 2013.

Chappell, Briony. Would You Read Novels Aimed at “New Adults”? The Guardian 10 September 2012.

Driscoll, Molly. Is a New Adult Genre The Step Between YA and Adult Books? The Christian Science Monitor. 3 January 2013.

Grady, DB. How Young Adult Fiction Came of Age. The Atlantic 1 August 2011

Kaufman, Leslie. Beyond Wizards and Vampires, To Sex.The New York Times 21 December 2012.

Lissner, Caren. Multimedia Genre For the New Era of Adulthood. The Philadelphia Inquirer 3 June 2013.

New Adult Fiction is the Hot New Category in Books. USA Today 15 April 2013 (USA Today’s Happy Ever After Blog often highlights New Adult books and authors)

Blog Posts

Kelly’s New Adult Blog Posts Stacked (various dates)

Liz’s New Adult Blog Posts at A Chair, a Fireplace and a Tea Cozy at School Library Journal (various dates)

A Beginner’s Guide to New Adult, by Dahlia Adler at The Barnes & Noble Book Blog, 21 January 2014

The Best New Adult Books Now: Colleen Hoover, Tammara Webber, and More! by Tina Peacock at Heroes and Heartbreakers, 15 January 2013.

The Giant Post About New Adult Literature by Nicole at Word For Teens, 6 May 2013

Guest Post: NA & YA – A Tale of Two Books by Jill Ratzan at Kimberly G. Giarratano’s Blog, 14 June 2013.

I Am A New Adult, by Gwendoline Nelson at her blog, 21 January 2014.

Misconceptions of the “New Adult” Genre by Caroline Whitney at Culture Mass, 29 April 2013.

“New Adult” Fiction Is Now An Official Literary Genre Because Marketers Want Us To Buy Things by Katie J.M. Baker at Jezebel, 15 November 2012.

New Adult: Passing Trend or Legitimate Genre by Rachel Seigel at Pub(lishing) Crawl, 30 January 2013.

New Adult, the 2012 Edition by Diana Peterfreund at her blog, 24 December 2013

The New Adult genre of books is fucking terrifying… by delillie at forged and folded, 2 March, 2014.

PAMA Panel: What Exactly is New Adult by Ron Hogan at Shelf Awareness, 25 April 2013

65 Books You Need To Read in Your 20s by Doree Shafrir at Buzzfeed, 13 May 2013

Summer Reading List: New Adult by Karen Rought at Hypable, 22 May 2013

New Adult Isn’t Just Young Adult With Sex, by Stacey Nash at her blog, 23 May 2013

So This Whole “New Adult” Thing Part 1 and Part 2 by Molly Wetta, Wrapped Up in BooksFebruary 2013.

A Teen Bride’s Tale: The Registry by Shannon Stoker by Alex Brown at, 5 June 2013.

What’s New About New Adult? by Sophie Brookover, Elizabeth Burns & Kelly Jensen in The Horn Book, 13 December 2013.

New Adult Blogs & Web Sites

Posts tagged “New Adult” from the Agent & Editor Wishlist Tumblr

The Book Cove includes reviews of New Adult

Bookish Treasures

Dear Author includes reviews of New Adult

F Yeah, New Adult

Goodreads New Adult Book Club

Goodreads New Adult Shelf

Heroes & Heartbreakers

The Hot Bed (from Penguin UK)

NA Alley

Nevaeh’s New Adult Book Blog

New Adult Authors Unite Facebook Group

New Adult Book Club Facebook Group

New Adult Speculative Fiction

She Reads New Adult

Young Adult Books Central includes reviews of New Adult

Personal Tumblrs by Self-Identified New Adults


Some new titles, as of May 2014!

 Some more new adult titles!

Aguirre, Ann. I Want it That Way. Harlequin HQN. 2014.

Alden, Elise. Hate to Love You. Carina Press. 2014.

August, Noelle. Boomerang. William Morrow Paperbacks. 2014.

Cleeton, Chanel. I See London. Harlequin. 2014

Erin, Aileen. Becoming Alpha. Ink Monster LLC. 2013.

Lee, Christina. Whisper to Me. Penguin Group. 2014.

Lyon, Heather. The Deep End of the Sea. Cerulean Books. 2014.

Raeder, Leah. Unteachable. Atria Books. 2014.

Tsiolkas, Christo. Barracuda. Crown Publishing Group. 2014


All of the following have been published as “new adult.”

For purposes of saving space, when authors have multiple books, I am only including one; typically, the first in a series.

Bankes, Liz. Irresistable. Bloomsbury. 2013.  (WorldCat says 2013; Amazon says 2014).

Burgess, Gemma. Brooklyn Girls. St. Martins Press, 2013 (July).

Butler, Carrie. Strength. Sapphire Star Publishing. 2013.

Campbell, Steph. Grounding Quinn. Create Space. 2011.

Campbell, Steph & Liz Reinhardt. Lengths. Create Space. 2012.

Carmack, Cora. Losing It. HarperCollins. 2012. Originally self-published.

Cole, Courtney. If You Stay. Grand Central Publishing. 2013. Originally self-published.

Desrochers, Lisa. A Little Too Far. William Morrow (ebook only). 2013.

Glines, Abbi. The Vincent Boys. SimonPulse. 2012. Originally self-published; The Vincent Boys: Extended and Uncut Version published SimonPulse 2012.

Glines, Abbi. Fallen Too Far. 2012. Self-published.

Hoover, Colleen. Slammed. Atria. 2012. Originally self-published.

Lee, Christina. All of You. Penguin (ebook only). 2013.

Lynn, J (aka Jennifer Armentrout). Wait For You. William Morrow. 2013. Originally self-published.

Martin, C. K. Kelly. Come See About Me. CreateSpace. 2012. Self-published.

McAdams, Molly. Taking Chances. William Morrow. 2012. Originally self-published.

McGuire, Jamie. Beautiful Disaster. Atria. 2012. Originally self-published.

Park, Jessica. Left Drowning. Amazon Children’s Publishing. 2013.

Rush, Lynn. Wasteland. Crescent Moon Press. 2011.

Sorensen, Jessica. The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden. Grand Central Publishing. 2013. Originally self-published.

Webber, Tammara. Easy. Berkley. 2012. Originally self-published.

A preview of forthcoming books to be published as “new adult”

Carmack, Cora. Finding It. William Morrow. October 2013.

Crownover, Jay. Rule and Jet. William Morrow. October and November 2013.

Evans, Katy. Real & Mine. Gallery. October 2013.

Jordan, Sophie. Foreplay: The Ivy Chronicles. William Morrow. November 2013.

Maas, Sara J. A Court of Thorns and Roses trilogy. Bloomsbury. Winter 2015.

Murphy, Monica. One Week Girlfriend and Second Chance Boyfriend. Bantam. August and November 2013.

All of the following have been published as Young Adult, but they feature characters who have finished high school or who are in college. None of these are “new adult,” but they appeal to readers seeking stories in this period of life. 

Avery, Lara. Anywhere But Here. Disney-Hyperion. 2012.

Beyer, Ramsey. Little Fish: A Memoir From a Different Kind of YearZest Books. September 2013. (Graphic Memoir publishing for YA).

Buzo, Laura. Love and Other Perishable Items. Knopf. 2012.

Doller, Trish. Something Like NormalBloomsbury. 2012.

Flack, Sophie. Bunheads. Poppy. 2011.

Forman, Gayle. Just One Day. Dutton. 2013.

Hubbard, Kirsten. WanderloveDelacorte. 2012.

Kelly, Tara. Amplified. Henry Holt. 2011.

Konen, Leah. The After Girls. Merit Press. 2013.

Kraus, Daniel. Scowler. Delacorte. 2013.

Kunze, Laura. The Ivy (series). Greenwillow. 2010.

Marchetta, Melina. The Piper’s Son. Candlewick. 2011.

Massey, David. Torn. Chicken House. 2013.

Myracle, Lauren. The Infinite Moment of Us. Abrams, 2013.

Rowell, Rainbow. Fangirl. St. Martins Press. 2013.

Snadowsky, Daria. Anatomy Of A Single Girl. Delacorte, 2013.

Thompson, Alicia. Psych Major Syndrome. Disney-Hyperion. 2011.

Whitney, Daisy. When You Were Here. Little, Brown. 2013.

Zarr, Sara and Altebrando, Tara. Roomies. Little, Brown. 2013 (December).

Zulkey, Claire. An Off Year. Dutton. 2009.

Graphic Novels published as graphic novels but which have great appeal to readers of NA due to post-high school, early college, first career settings.

Forney, Ellen. Marbles: Mania, Depression, Michaelangelo, and Me. Gotham. 2012.

Georges, Nicole. Calling Dr. Laura. Mariner. 2013.

Hornschemeier, Paul. Life with Mr. Dangerous. Villard. 2011.

Knisley, Lucy. Relish and French Milk. 01:02 and Epigraph. 2013 and 2007.

MariNaomi. Kiss and Tell: A Romantic Resume, Ages 0 to 22. Harper Perennial. 2011.

Wertz, Julia. Fart Party. Drinking at the Movies. Atomic Book Company and Three Rivers Press. 2007 and 2010.

Other books published as either adult or young adult which may fit the idea of “new adult” and which have crossover appeal to teen and adult audiences. Many of these stories feature immediately post-high school, college or immediately post-collegiate settings.

Brown, Kelly Williams. Adulting: How To Become a Grown-Up in 468 Easy-ish Steps. Grand Central. 2013.

Cabot, Meg. Size 12 is Not Fat. Heather Wells Mysteries (#1). William Morrow. 2005.

Dessen, Sarah. The Moon and More. Viking. 2013.

Emond, Stephen. Winter Town. Little, Brown. 2011.

Koenig, Emma. F*uck! I’m In My 20s. Chronicle. 2012.

LaCour, Nina. The Disenchantments. Penguin. 2012.

McCafferty, Megan. Sloppy Firsts (Jessica Darling series). Random House. 2001.

Peterfreund, Diana. Secret Society Girl (series). Dell. 2007.

Scheidt, Erica Lorraine. Uses For Boys. St. Martin’s. 2013

Semple, Maria. Where’d You Go, Bernadette? Little, Brown. 2012.

Wolitzer, Meg. The Interestings. Riverhead, 2013.


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  1. Thanks for putting this up for those of us who couldn’t attend!

  2. […] Monday I went in early again, for the “New Adult: What is it, and Is it Really Happening?” session, done by Liz Burns, Sophie Brookover, and Kelly Jensen. I really enjoy all three of them on Twitter–smart people who love books and libraries! And I thought they did a marvelous job of talking through some of the complexities and issues of New Adult, without ever condemning the idea or the readers. There was a lot of food for thought there, and I really really wish I had been able to stay for the Q & A session, because just the one or two questions I heard were very on point and sounded like they were going to lead into some great discussion. If you’re interested, there’s a resource page here. […]

  3. […] Happening?” panel on July 1 via Twitter (#ala13na). The panelists provided a huge list of “new adult” resources, including articles, blog posts, and booklists. Depending on who you listen to, “new […]

  4. […] stories.   To check out their wonderful resource collection for this session, simply go to this post on their shared blog.  My thoughts on New Adult as a truly effective category of fiction are still […]

  5. […] Hannah Gomez’s piece for YALSA’s The Hub provides a great recap, as well as a link to a resource list, which has been updated – a pleasant surprise! – since the conference. (There’s […]

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